"You and your team were responsible for the very smooth implementation of a mission critical application for Nygård Style Direct. The iMatrix team has given us a head start by executing, with the Nygård team, a flawless implementation of our U.S. operation."

Good Afternoon iMatrix,

Too often, customers overlook the critical role that their suppliers/vendors play in the success of the organization. You and your team were responsible for the very smooth implementation of a mission critical application for Nygård Style Direct.

Our success at NSD is very much dependent on our ability to successfully engage the U.S. market. The IMatrix team has given us a head start by executing, with the Nygård team, a flawless implementation of our U.S. operation. I know some of our competition was watching our 'go live' with the hope that it was a glitch filled start-up. Well, did you and your team ever disappoint them!! We have already had calls from ladies working at our competitors' inquiring about joining NSD. We're feeling very good about our future prospects in the U.S.!!

I know that there are many more people that were significant contributors to our mutual success, please pass along my sincerest thanks and appreciation to those individuals.

Thank you again for your professionalism, dedication and commitment to Nygård.

Best regards,
Gregg Keeping
Nygård Style Direct

"Y'all rock!"

Thank you so much! Y'all rock!

Sean Briscombe, President
SWN Metals, LLC

"Before today, I was your client. From now on I am your FAN!!!"

Thank you very much Thomas for your understanding and willingness to help me have what I BELIEVE, FEEL and KNOW is the best for my business. Before today, I was your client. From now on I am your FAN!!!

Amauri Maverick, CEO
GRIIID Intelige^ncia Capital

"I checked out over 30 companies and selected them."

iMatrix Software is very easy to work with and have a great solution for network marketing companies. I checked out over 30 companies and selected them.

Stephen Gregg, CEO, Founder,

"It's like a breath of fresh air to find people that take their word as seriously as we do "

You guys are awesome! It's like a breath of fresh air to find people that take their word as seriously as we do, that's an important trait. Thank you for all your help in getting our system up and launched, my experience with your company so far has been excellent, and I really believe we can and will grow this platform!

Ahmad Evaji, CEO

"Creative technical solutions, around the clock response, and a service mentality made this an increasingly rewarding experience. "

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the strength and quality of our partnership over the past three years and express our gratitude for helping to ensure that it was successful and fluid evolution of our respective businesses. Imatrix has provided, prompt and responsive service for WorldVentures during a time when we needed it most. Our business has been in rapid growth over the last few years and the support provided by you at that time couldn't have been more welcomed. Creative technical solutions, around the clock response, and a service mentality made this an increasingly rewarding experience. I'm hoping as your business continues to grow that you'll refer your prospective customers to us for a candid account of what having great partners can do for your business. Again, thank you.

Eddie Head, Chief Strategy Officer
WorldVentures Holdings, LLC

"I would sincerely recommend iMatrix Software. "
We chose iMatrix Software for their proven software and experience. I previously co-founded a successful Direct Sales company (Weekenders) for over 20 years. After selling it, I decided to start a new company. Software is obviously one of the more important decisions a Direct Sales company makes. I decided on iMatrix Software. To be successful, it is vital to have a great system with reliable service.

I would sincerely recommend iMatrix Software. They have a very robust system with innovative features. I look forward to a long term relationship.

Best regards,

George Raynault, Owner

"the best we have ever had with a software provider"
Without a doubt, our development experience with iMatrix Software has been one of the best we have ever had with a software provider. From the start, iMatrix was extremely knowledgeable, fast, eager, and hardworking. Four times during development we approached major roadblocks due to our lack of experience in Multilevel Marketing, and 4 times iMatrix Team was ready to help. iMatrix exceeded our expectations, and we were thoroughly pleased when the current project was finally delivered in full. We are pleased to have iMatrix as our MLM software partner!

Best regards,

Hector Terrazas, CEO
Fonet Global, Inc.

"thank you for being the upstanding, caring professionals you are"

Revolucion World Wide was diligent in making a decision on choosing the right software provider for our valued distributors. We understand the importance to everyone involved in building a long term business that runs smoothly and efficiently. That said, it takes more than a piece of software to make things run right…it takes the right people with an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. Thomas was the key person in making this all come together. Thomas has been an extremely valuable asset for us in many areas, not only by making sure we get answers quickly and accurately, which is mission critical when business is racing a mile a minute. Mr. also attended our first announcement meeting in Los Angeles and was extremely informational and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone present had their questions answer. Everyone at Revolucion Central would like to thank you for being the upstanding, caring professionals you are.

Thanks again,

Peter Lupus III, Co-Founder, President
Revolucion World Wide

"Thank you guys!!!!! Very much appreciated."

Thank you guys!!!!! Very much appreciated. I am travelling so I will keep this message short, but I want to thank the entire iMatrix Software team, and will even single out Ryan, for all your help in getting this up and running for us under difficult conditions! I promise to be one of your better customers and look forward to working together to build our direct sales business.

Thank you again!

Steve Hengsperger, CEO
Tersano International SRL

"It’s been a partnership that really works."

Hi Thomas,

In answer to your question, we’ve come to believe that software is the invisible “make or break component” for MLM companies.

Most other things we can control and execute in-house. We can make sure we have great products that do what we promise. We can design a compensation plan that actually pays well. We can treat each distributor like gold, and we really mean it. But nowadays the software is so important and our distributors are so used to the Internet that they expect it to work perfectly 24/7 so they can run their businesses properly.

For us that meant a key part of choosing a software vendor was that we wanted to have complete confidence that our software wouldn’t choke each time we entered sudden-growth mode.

It’s obvious when you hear enough stories in the industry that if a company’s website goes down, the back office goes out, the commissions don’t get calculated properly, etc., at the very least the distributors will get worried and stop selling. They’ll start looking around for something more solid. But if the company’s NOT lucky — for example if they’ve got some key leaders who’ve been down this path before—they can do all the right things and do them with passion and still find themselves suddenly. magically, going out of business because the software just couldn’t handle real MLM growth.

We picked the iMatrix team because they’ve been coding real, fast-growth-capable MLM software for longer than just about anyone out there. They’ve been there and done that over and over again.

The happy result has been exactly what we wanted and needed: they do what they’re great at so we can do what we’re great at!

It’s been a partnership that really works.

Best regards,

David Roudebush, CTO

"We consider iMatrix the industry gold standard."

Before deciding to launch our own MLM business, our company, Power 3 Network, Inc. was in the business of developing marketing websites for established MLM companies. We would research the specific company’s products and/or services and create landing pages, tours, teasers, auto responders and a business back office for their distributors.
When we decided to launch our own MLM, AllXClub, we knew the importance of developing a good compensation plan for the distributor. One that had all the functionality the distributor needed to track their business.

Working with iMatrix from conception has proved to be invaluable. The iMatrix team of professionals consulted with us on the elements of the compensation package and helped structure it so that it is easily understood. A definite selling point to the distributor is the fact that an independent third party is responsible to calculate their commission.
As we have grown iMatrix has assisted us in the integrating various aspects of receipts and payments seamlessly. When needed we have performed customization of the system in a timely and cost efficient manner. We consider iMatrix the industry gold standard.

AJ Goldberg, President

"all the extra effort and hours put in to help us launch on time"


We would like to thank iMatrix for all the extra effort and hours put in to help us launch on time. What really helped us was your staff’s ability to think outside the box and overcome any obstacles that came up. There are so many of your staff that we would like to thank…Ron, Will, Doug and Chris, but I want to especially thank Ryan W for his project management skills that kept us on track. We look forward to a continued joint effort between iMatrix and World Ventures.


Geof Ferfort, Sr. Director of Operations
Worldventures Marketing, LLC.

"I would recommend them to anyone looking for an established MLM software company"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank iMatrix and especially Thomas for their expertise and support during our beginning stages and launch of our new business and hottest MLM opportunity. We had to brake new ground on this concept, and iMatrix was the company of choice after a long search of other company’s and competitors. We are very excited to have them on our team while we help Americans save their homes from foreclosure. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an established MLM software company.

Michael Albert, President / Founder

"great job working on getting the system up & running"

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your email. The guys have done a great job working on getting the system up & running. We now need to get the business firing on all cylinders.

I need a conversation with you soon regarding the setting-up of business #2 as we discussed when we met.

Talk to you soon,

Andy Hunt, CEO
Earth Essential

"I look forward to a brilliant future together."

Hi Thomas,

We finely made it to launch. Thank you for everything!
I look forward to a brilliant future together.

Thank you again,

George Dufour, President
First Home Safety Corp

"I appreciate all the work that was done to ensure a successful end of month experience."

I wanted to say thank you for all the infrastructure work that has been done behind the scenes to help us have a strong end of month. I have to say that for the past couple of seasons, the last day of the first month of the season has been rather daunting. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when it was smooth sailing!
I appreciate all the work that was done to ensure a successful end of month experience. Thank you to all who made this happen!

Michelle Slevcove, Consultant Account Manager

"We are so happy to be working with such a great team."

Hi Thomas,

Thank you so much for your patience with us through all of our transitions. It was wonderful to meet you when you came to Florida. I hope you all will visit us again if you are in our area. I have really appreciated all the time that your team has spent with us in making sure our program has everything set up the way we need it. Ryan is exceptional in explaining things so they are easy to understand, is very professional, has a great personality and is a joy to work with. He is an amazing project manager and kept the flow of work and information going between our team and his team very effectively. I was very impressed that Ron took the time to work with us directly on some of our bigger issues when necessary and was great to work with as well. He seemed to be a positive and approachable leader and Im sure that has contributed to the success of iMatrix Software and its clients. Will and Tiffany have been great in responding to our support tickets and keeping the technical aspects of our system running smoothly. Doug did such a great job on our compensation plan that I was astounded at how easily that process came together. And lets not forget about Eunice. She was so helpful in getting calls to Ryan when we were working on deadline issues.

After working unsuccessfully with two other software companies on this same project, we are so thankful those doors were closed and we were led to iMatrix Software. You have exceeded our expectations in both the product and your services. We are so happy to be working with such a great team and are looking forward to a successful future together!


Stephanie Brown, Assistant Director
Foundation of Faith, Family & Friends

Hi Thomas,

I would personally like to recommend both Ryan & Tiffany for their patience & professionalism in assisting FGN move forward with Imatrix.

In particular I believe Ryan's personality, experience and clear understanding exemplifies why iMatrix has chosen him to lead FGN's growing relationship with iMatrix.

Sincere Regards,

Marco D'Amici, President

Thomas, Ron and iMatrix Staff,
I would like to THANK ALL THE STAFF for their support. You are truly a professional group, and you put your customers first. A special thanks goes out to Ryan W., as one of the best Project Managers I have ever worked with.

Carl Hillman, CEO
Slim Body Lifestyle

To Whom it May Concern:

When Thomas asked me to write a note about our relationship with iMatrix Software, I told him I would be happy to do so.

We are a product development and marketing company founded in 1999, and based about fifty miles south of Dallas , Texas. We have about a four year relationship with iMatrix. We asked them to automate our compensation plan, and they started with us from ground zero. Our plan was unusual, in that we designed it ourselves and it was not based upon any of the existing multi-level or binary systems. We felt very happy to have them host the internet driven system because with their redundancy our information was much safer than when we hosted it on site.

They worked with us from design all they way through the implementation and de-bugging stages, and got us up and running right on schedule. Over time, as we saw things that would improve our system they made changes for us several times with very little expense, and many times with no charge. Their team of programmers has the ability to visualize exactly what you want, and create it quickly and integrate it into your existing system seamlessly, while you continue operating all along, without a glitch. They are always willing to talk with you to make sure your company and iMatrix are communicating well, and that you, as the customer, are pleased. iMatrix is indispensable as experts in the industry. They know it from top to bottom, and they know what brings success, and also what can cause failure. Their advice is extremely valuable. We highly recommend iMatrix to your company for everything from their software system, to implementation, to consultation, to hosting. If you are a start-up, they are very fair and affordable. If you are a large company, they have the experience, the systems, and the staff to handle your needs in a professional manner. For all these reasons, we highly recommend iMatrix to you.


David Mitchell, Founder, C.E.O.

CHX Travel has been a client for iMatrix Software since August 2005.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about iMatrix is; rock solid system and more than competent staff members.

iMatrix has from day one offered us great support and always helped out if we wanted to accomplish new things very quickly.

Looking at the system offered by iMatrix, I can truly recommend it. A proven and 100 % stable platform offers the scalability and the performance we all look for.

It was important to us when we contacted iMatrix in 2005 that we wanted a system provider that had been around for many years, had a proven system used by large-scale companies, and that endorsed long term thinking with their clients. iMatrix offers a true beneficial setup that works great for both parties. Working with iMatrix means that your success is their success, because that is how the fee structure works. That was very different from other companies out there offering systems. Knowing that a major system provider makes money when you make money, makes you sleep tight at night. You know that they always doing their best because it's in their true interest!

Offering a multi language, multi currency, multi taxation system is quite uncommon on the market. In the iMatrix system you will find that most things you need are there from day one. When working with iMatrix, you truly see that they run their business by heart, truly care, and are available to you whenever you need to reach them.

If you want true success, not only your product strategies are important, but also your choice of service provider offering a full scale system that can handle your needs of today, tomorrow ,and the future is critical to your success. iMatrix is that partner.

Good luck and welcome to the iMatrix family.

Peter Gustavsson, CEO
CHX Travel International AB

The iMatrix team has done a great job in walking us through the set-up process and taking care of any glitches promptly.

Thank you,

Lee Southern, CEO

Christian Heritage Mint

I would like to express my Xtreme (some of our branding) gratitude for the commitment to excellence exhibited by your team. I told you how serious we take our commitments, and one of those was to meet a go-live date by midnight, July 17, even if it was CA time. Your team stayed with us until we could begin enrolling distributors, nearly 2:00AM Dallas time. I believe the official go-live time was 11:53PM Pacific time, ON July 17! Ryan coordinated the efforts of your team Xtremely well, maintaining Xcellent contact with me throughout the night. I'm sure there are efforts of many unsung heroes on our behalf, for whom I am Xtremely appreciative.

Steve Gotberg, President
Forum Technologies, Inc.

Hi Tom,

On behalf of myself and my business Parnter and Investor, whom you spoke with Jeff, we really appreciate the work you and iMatrix have done on our behalf. I have never done business with such a professional outfit and individual.

Kind regards,

John Loughran, CEO

Hi Tom!

Thank you so much being our guest speaker last night. We appreciate you taking the time from your Sunday to do so. We've had a great amount of interest today in people calling for their passwords and asking tons of questions. I am hopeful that it will generate more excitement in the next coming days and weeks. Great Job!
Thanks again, for your help. I appreciate it!

Zita Guedes, Vice President
Jurak Corporation/LifeQuest World

Jurak Corporation World Wide, Inc. (Jurak) (OTCBB: JRAK) a dietary and herbal supplement network distribution organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jurak has been registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a fully registered and reporting company, trading on the OTC BB under the trading symbol JRAK.

Hi Tom,

This is Dave from The Wholefood Farmacy, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how we're doing. We've been using your system for about 2 1/2 years now and we are pleased beyond words. The support team in Dallas is a thoroughly professional team that is by our side on a daily basis. We wish to express our appreciation to everyone at the Dallas office, especially those who we work with directly; Tiffany, Ryan, Brian, Ron, Doug, Janet, & Eunice.

"Smooth sailing" is the only way to describe our operations. The accuracy of the commission engine is 100% - we have not had a single commission dispute since we opened in 2003 and running commissions requires only 10 minutes per month of our time. The ordering system, as well, operates flawlessly. No duplicate orders, no "lost" orders, and no problems accessing the website has allowed us to process over 23,000 orders without a SINGLE system related credit card dispute or chargeback. This is of vital importance to any business that relies upon online transactions. Through periods of rapid growth, where our sales have doubled within the course of a month, the system never skipped a beat.

Our distributor base is very satisfied with the ease of setting up their personal websites and sponsoring others into the company. They are particularly pleased, as are we, with the brand new Back Office upgrade. The constant upgrades and enhancements to the system provided by the Dallas team always keep us on the "cutting edge" of technology and inspire confidence in all of our distributors and customers.

The most amazing benefit is that we have no in-house expenses related to I.T. staff, servers, software, switches, or routers, other than the PC's that we use to access your system. Our total costs for all internet systems, equipment, and services that you provide is less than 2% of our gross sales on a monthly basis. I've been "around the block" with other MLM operating systems and software, and I can tell you that there is nothing on the market that even comes close to what you offer. We appreciate all that you do and we're looking forward to a very bright future with iMatrix!


Dave Bowen, Vice President Corporate Development

Wholefood Farmacy Corp.-(OTC: WFMC) a dietary and herbal supplement network distribution organization registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission as a fully registered and reporting company, trading on the OTC BB under the trading symbol WFMC.

"We appreciate everything you have done for us. Thanks a lot folks.... Good job!"

PHC Staff
Peoples Health Choice

I have worked with iMATRIX since 1999. My business has gone through many changes and evolutions during that time and the iMATRIX staff and principles have always been there to help me achieve our goals.

Trish Weaver
Liberty Benefits, Inc.

Happy New Year to you, Tom.

I know you have many clients so I really appreciate all that you do for us. We are expecting a great year and will get there with the help of your team.

Phil McAlister, President
Xtreme Health Formulas, Inc.

The team did a terrific job and they are extremely responsive to our needs. They have been great to work with.

Bill Dembereckyj, President
Thin Within, Inc.

Peoplesway.Com, Inc., Signs On With iMATRIX Software

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 6, 2004 (PRIMEZONE) -- Peoplesway.Com, Inc. (OTCBB:PLWY) has signed iMATRIX Software to provide software solutions.

"We are pleased to announce the upgrade of our software system with iMATRIX Software," said Peoplesway President Matt Monroe. "iMATRIX is the leader in designing software for our industry and we are proud to partner with them. We look forward to introducing new tools that will assist our Members in building their businesses and tracking their growth."

About Peoplesway

Peoplesway.com, Inc., headquartered in Charlotte , N.C. , is an emerging international direct marketing company with an emphasis on marketing proven proprietary products including products related to the health and wellness industry, through its expanding independent Member network. For detailed information visit our site at www.peoplesway.com.

Dear Tom,

Happy Anniversary!

Please pass along from our staff to your dedicated team our sincere thank you for a terrific 1st year.
Take Shape for Life will be 1 year old on January 1, 2004, however, as you know, we started our development with iMATRIX Software in the late fall of 2002. One year ago we faced the very daunting task of building a new direct sales company on the fly. A mission I have often referred to as being similar to installing a new V8 engine in a 4 cylinder car….while driving down the Interstate at 80 miles per hour!

Your team responded with speed, accuracy, and understanding as to the core elements we faced. We tasked your team with a very complicated and time sensitive launch cycle and we made that date. More importantly, post launch we have continued to receive very professional customer care, even under some very demanding circumstances.
By all measurements this past year at Take Shape for Life has been a resounding success for our independent distributors, shareholders and for our employees. None of this would have been possible without your team fully committed to our mission.

Tom, thank you for all that you and the terrific staff at iMATRIX do. We are truly in an industry where our combined efforts benefit hundreds of thousands of incredibly caring people. We look forward to a long and mutually prosperous working relationship.

Yours very truly,

Richard M. Logsdail
President & Chief Operating Officer
Take Shape for Life

Take Shape for Life, a subsidiary of Medifast, Inc., is a national network of medical professionals and health advisors that provide weight and disease management and fitness programs to individuals, major clinics, corporations, HMOs and physicians. Stock symbol: (MED)

To Tom,

I have found that the support staff at iMATRIX to be capable in all areas of business concerning internet website developing and programming. They have accomplished any task which we have asked them to and when a decision may not be wise have counseled us regarding that decision from their experience. I am amazed at Doug's programming abilities and in understanding the in's and out's of our program along with the many others you have.

Richard does a great job at training on how to run the back office. He is patient in his teaching and easy to get along with. He also at times follows up with you to see you are performing the day-to-day tasks. He is someone I can trust daily to answer my e-mails and help solve problems. Tiffany also is a great help and accomplishes requested tasks efficiently. Chris is dependable in the area of our website development and up-keep. His pleasant and patient attitude makes him a joy to work with. He responds with time frame of how long and when the tasks requested will be accomplished.

Although not everyone is mentioned who have helped us, these are the main contacts on a continual basis whom have served us well. I am sure iMATRIX can serve others well also as they have us.

Best regards,

Tom Rask, General Manager
Angelic Candles

Ron, I want to thank you for helping me solve the issues that were before me. I am and always have been convinced that your company is the right partner for my venture. I appreciate all of your help with this and the guys did a great job putting up with me. I am very pleased with the setup and I know the guys worked hard to get it done.

Dino Behler, President
Bidernet, Inc.

We started an MLM in the early 90’s. After spending $250 K for software, the programmers quit and the company could no longer support us. Then we spent $200 K more with another company – 3 years later it still didn’t work right – it was a nightmare.
This time around we went with iMATRIX Software. Fantastic support from day one, a system that functions properly, one that’s very easy to use, and at a fraction of what we thought we’d have to spend. We didn’t have to purchase any computer equipment or software, and we don’t have the expense of a full time I.T. staff.
Distributors are able to sign up online, create their own personal websites, order products and manage their downlines 24 hours a day. Distributors have full access to all of the information and functions that they could possibly need which makes customer service a breeze. The orders print at our shipping location, Fed Ex picks them up, and we’re done. Printing commission checks takes 5 minutes from start to finish – and they’re correct to the penny – every time.
My favorite feature of the iMATRIX system is the special software they provided that allows us to manage our own website. I can make changes, create new web pages, add pictures, even add links – and I can do it right from my laptop no matter where I am. No more waiting, no more emailing, and no more delays when I need to make a change. I click a button and it’s as easy as editing a Word doc. I sure wish I knew about iMATRIX in the 90’s.

Dave Bowen, VP Corporate Development
Great American
The Wholefood Farmacy