Corporate Office

Maestro by iMatrix Software is the enterprise-level backbone of your corporate office. It is used by start-up's to multi-million-dollar MLM, Party Plan, and Direct Selling companies. Features include changing your system configuration, modifying your members shopping experience, and flexible reporting. This cloud-based solution is capable of handling multiple languages, currencies, and compensation plans.

Known for its powerful commission engine, Maestro helps you operate your business to its fullest potential, and offers the most advanced and innovative administrative system in the industry. Its user-friendly interface allows for effortless administration by your staff. Maestro by iMatrix Software has been trusted, proven, and relied upon for over 25 years.

Corporate Office Interface


Partial Feature List:

Member Accounts

✓ Member Account Management
✓ Quick Member Lookup
✓ Quick Order Lookup
✓ Quick Autoship Lookup
✓ Assign Member Leads
✓ Update Member Placement


✓ Member Reports
✓ Sales Reports
✓ Order Reports
✓ E-Wallet Account Reports
✓ Inventory Reports
✓ Item Detail Reports


✓ Create Custom Rules
✓ HTML Email Format
✓ Default Triggers Available
✓ Email Notifications
✓ Member Message Notifications
✓ 3rd party Triggers


✓ Run 1099 Report
✓ 1099 Adjustments
✓ E-Wallet
✓ Gift Cards
✓ Returns and Exchanges
✓ Back Orders

Compensation Plans

✓ Unilevel
✓ Binary
✓ Forced Matrix
✓ Party Plan
✓ Hybrids
✓ Custom


✓ Multiple Languages
✓ Multiple Currencies
✓ Multiple Countries
✓ Multiple Compensation Plans


✓ Add / Edit Payment Type
✓ Tax Classifications
✓ Multiple Warehouse
✓ Multiple Price Levels
✓ Order Type Setup


✓ Ties to ANY Carrier
✓ Ship Via Setup
✓ Freight Rate Setup
✓ Freight Override Setup
✓ Shipping Extract Setup


✓ Add / Edit Items
✓ Item Code / Prices Setup
✓ Item Warehouse Setup
✓ Kit Setup
✓ Tax Setup


✓ User-defined Member Look Up
✓ User-defined Order Look Up
✓ User-defined Autoship Look Up

Ticket System

✓ Quick Submit from Anywhere
✓ System Knowledge Base
✓ Ticket Tracking

Documents Area

✓ Add Files / Folders
✓ Edit File / Folder Permissions
✓ Limit Access based on Member Rank

Corporate Blasts

✓ Add Subject
✓ Filter by Member Statuses
✓ Tokens to Personalize Message
✓ Create New Message

User Permissions

✓ Add / Edit User
✓ Add / Edit Permission Group