Frequently Asked Quesions

Q: Can you please provide specific details about your structure?
Structure: iMatrix Software, Inc. is the exclusive sales and marketing entity for iMatrix Software International.
Q. Where are you located?
Office Locations:
1. iMatrix Software International is located in Dallas, Texas – Operations, IT, Tech Support & Data Center
2. iMatrix Software, Inc. is located in Aliso Viejo, California – Sales & Marketing
Q: We are concerned with the lack of experience on the part of many of the MLM software providers that we reviewed and spoke with.

Our team members have over 150 years of combined experience in the Direct Sales/MLM software industry.

Q: Who are your main competitors?

Main Competitors:
There are certainly lots of companies offering MLM software - too many! But most of them don’t do what we do. In short, our team handles various day-to-day administrative and technology-related actions for your MLM, Party Plan, or Direct Sales company. Many of our “competitors” have a hosted system that is not adequate for your needs, then begin charging you tech support fees. Most SaaS (Software-as-a-Services also known as hosted system) service providers in our industry charge enormous tech support fees. Many companies, especially start-ups, do not realize how expensive this can be each month. We’re in a completely different business whereby your success is our success. Make sure you do your proper due diligence and ask many questions. If you can visit the company, you should. Most MLM software companies are very small mom-n-pop operations. This is not optimal because most of the time they will go out of business at some point, or do not have the resources to support you if your company grows. What happens to your data and system when that happens? You want to have a good feeling about the staff and confident you made the correct choice.

We have a high market share of our two main target markets. One is what we call “intelligent start-ups.” The other is existing MLM companies. Our clients are more than clients. We don’t just process a client, check it off, and go to the next one. We pay attention to each client’s processes and needs. We question anomalies and look out for abnormal occurrences. We also check for trends. If we see something that may be a problem or may become a problem, our team will contact the client to discuss it. Your problems are our problems. And we’re here to help you resolve them.

Our data center is state of the art. Our team members were the pioneers in this industry for building a data center and providing a SaaS service.

Q: What are some important questions to ask MLM software companies about their system?

- Has their system been deployed and functional with a client who has 1,000,000 distributors? If not, there is absolutely no guarantee it will work. Most systems will implode when asked to process that number of distributors.
- How long will it take to run commissions with a 1,000,000 distributors or even 100,000?
- Do they provide a complete and separate test system for commissions?
- Can they rerun commissions in live if necessary?

Q: Tell me about some of the features and functions of the system.

Corporate System:

• Order entry – online, shopping cart, operator entry, email confirmations of orders, backorder processing, auto-ship.
• Payment – multiple types, online credit card authorization and verification, automated processing settlement of distributors’ individual merchant accounts if processor is a host based system, multi-currency.
• Distribution – shipping, manifesting, box sizing, multiple warehouses, interface to common carriers, email confirmation of shipment, inventory updates.
• Commissioning – all types of plans, combinations, worldwide tree, support a different plan and qualifications for each country, separate qualification and volume trees maintained.
• Distributor maintenance – status, rank, renewals, removals, profile.
• Genealogy – reporting, tracking, maintaining, historical, purging, orphan resolve, and real time order volume pushed up the tree.
• Reporting – online, hard copy, email.
• Inventory – committed, shipped, received.
• RMA – Returned Merchandise Authorization.
• Distributor services support – contact tracking, commission research tools, one page information screen that provides answers to most of your distributor service calls.
• There are thousands of features and functions.

Distributors Web Pages:

• Signup new distributors, place orders using shopping cart.
• Retail Customers of distributor can place orders using shopping cart.
• View genealogy, commission recap, sponsor and order data in our standard format.
• Company product or service promotions.
• Update personal profile information.
• Includes email confirmation – standard format (company paid fee for customizing content).
• Confirm orders received.
• Confirms order shipped if company has manifest system.
• Signups are automatically linked.
• Retail orders are automatically credited.
• The presentation format and content of data can be customized at the request of the company for a fee.
• Notification of personally sponsored new sign-ups.
• Notification of personally sponsored rank advancements.
• Notification of orders of a specific product by personally sponsored.
• Business analysis tools for distributors.
• Filtering capability of distributor’s organization.
• Bar graph and comparative presentations of distributor’s information.
• Contact manager
• Preview of qualifications and commissions
• Gift cards
• Event and training scheduler
• Document section
• To do list
• Personalized reports that distributors create.

Q: What would the typical use of the iMatrix system be for a customer?

• Full-system use for back-office corporate administrative functions.
• Distributor back-office functions through a self-replicating website and/or corporate website.
• Retail customer access through distributor’s website.
• Commission processing and genealogy/downline.

Q: Will the iMatrix system support party plan and MLM Hybrids?

The iMatrix system is designed to be highly flexible for just about any type of pay plan or party plan or hybrid. As such, it can easily accommodate various combinations of compensation and pay plans.

Q: What types of compensation plans will the system support? Can you please describe some of the advantages of this system with regards to compensation plan technology?

• This system supports most MLM commissioning plans. We have clients who use a combination of plans such as a Unilevel with a Binary component plus a Quick Start or Matching Check feature. This system is parameter-based. That means parameters can easily be changed, such as number of levels or percentages, to run “what if” scenarios or make pay plan changes typically without expensive and time consuming programming effort.

• The client can have a worldwide tree yet have different qualifications and plans in different countries. The country of origin of the order determines the pay plan to be used. Commissions can be paid in the home currency, a selected currency or a standard currency.

• The system maintains a ‘snapshot’ of the tree at each commission run thereby providing support for commission payments should a situation occur that questions the commission/tree in a prior period.

• The system has the ability to re-run commissions in live.

Q: We are a products-based company and we need an advanced inventory system. Can you describe how the system handles this?

The iMatrix Software System handles inventory on a real-time basis. When an order is placed for an item, the system parameter can be set to either accept the order indicating the item is back-ordered, or reject the order indicating the item is out of stock. A ‘nightly calibration’ would simply be a comparison of physically calculated inventory quanitities versus system-calculated inventory quantities. As the inventory system is real-time, the system will be accepting and processing orders 24 hours a day and updating the inventory quantities as the orders are processed. The inventory item ordered is in a ‘committed’ status until actual shipment. The indication of an estimated delivery date would be a customization. The system has the ability to print the order, picking ticket, and shipping label at whatever location(s) desired. When the order is ready for shipping, the order can be scanned and the system will ‘ship verify’ the order. This will deduct the items from inventory. The system reporting indicates any inventory on-hand and inventory committed, thereby providing the quantities of what items should be physically on hand and, of that, what are committed for shipment. The system has the ability to account for kits (a single item number with numerous components) in a variety of ways that are parameter settings and easily implemented and changed, if so desired.

Q: I’m a self-confessed propeller head & I want to know some details about the technology infrastructure and the data center?

• The iMatrix Data Center and is an enterprise-class state-of-the-art facility. Your system is hosted on the servers in the Dallas iMatrix data center with processing services provided by our team members. This is not collocation - it is owned by iMatrix Software International. There is an N+1 Redundancy on all critical systems to ensure no single point of failure between your application and the Internet.

• The system architecture is multi-tiered with separate data, business logic, and presentation layers. This system is very scalable as has been demonstrated by its actual use in companies with over 2,000,000 distributors, over 50,000 sign-ups in a single day, and 300 plus simultaneous company users. The system was designed with flexibility in mind. It is modular and parameter driven.

• The setup time is dependent upon discussions, decisions, and changes regarding your business rules and processes. This is what determines the parameter settings and if customizations will be required. Customizations and integrations can delay the set-up time for numerous reasons, especially working with 3rd party companies. Closely related is the modification of our standard design for order entry and distributor entry forms to meet the specifics of your company. The compensation plan is typically completed after receiving the final specifications from client, normally it is one of the last items programmed.

Q: What are your future development plans for the platform?
As technological advances make new tools, languages and techniques available, we have the resources to acquire and test them to determine if they can be applied to the MLM market and the system. Our team of developers and researchers are concerned with providing our clients and their distributors with tools and access to better manage their business, increase profits and attract new distributors and customers. Our business model is quite simple – if our clients succeed, we succeed. This product is deployed in a SaaS environment, which allows us to have continual updates. As new technologies become available we determine if they can be applied to our industry and clients. Our team adds functions, features and reporting on a consistent basis to keep our clients competitive.
Q: Okay, so something strange is going on here. I’ve talked to three or four other mlm software companies & they all claim that their system handles international transactions, payments, & currencies as standard. Now, I’m no dummy & I know this stuff is not easy, but something’s not adding up here. Can you please tell me the truth about this?

This system accommodates multiple currencies as it’s standard. It has multi-lingual capabilities with the client providing the translations. It was designed to be deployed internationally and it has multiple jurisdiction capabilities for taxation purposes. The client must provide their interpretation of the tax laws in jurisdictions outside the U.S. as we do not provide any legal advice. Be aware of any software provider who claims to have code to accommodate tax laws outside the U.S. as these are subject to interpretation (as are many inside the U.S.).

Q: You have a U.S.-based team. How do you propose working with us in London, Singapore, Stockholm, Munich, Hong Kong, Mexico City, New York, & Dublin during the implementation period?

This system is very robust and mature, which requires less customization work on the part o four engineering team. However, this depends on the business model. We propose working with you via the iMatrix ticket system, telephone, internet remote access, and email. This is the method we have used and currently use with all our clients, many of which are large companies and have very complex compensation plans. We can have one of our technical people come to your location if necessary. We have found over the years that if you can’t explain a compensation plan issue over the phone or in writing, how are you ever going to explain it to distributors worldwide?

Q: How does the system handle payments?

Payment Methods Online
a. The iMatrix online system supports credit card and debit card transactions. It can support other payment methods should the company desire.
b. The payment of demonstrator commissions through bank transfers can be automated. These are generally ACH transactions. Our team will need to review your company’s bank specifications for their particular requirements and protocols. This could be customization depending on the bank.

Q: The UK has a special VAT rate. How have you solved VAT-issues, account transfers in the UK banking system and 70% compliance rule with these clients?

The iMatrix system has custom tax routine modules by country and special circumstance. It has a UK tax routine that handles VAT. Since VAT is a tax on a tax, it is not always applied. The system has tax routines that not only calculate the tax, but also determine taxability based on the VAT rules.

The iMatrix system was designed for international use and it accommodates multi-currency effectively. You can have a home currency for a country or another currency for a country. You can pay commissions in the home currency or another currency for each country, and conversions can be applied as the company desires. The 70% compliance rule can be handled  in a variety of ways. You can use a special form that comes up at order placements and requires an agree click before proceeding, or simple pop-up window reminder. Some clients have even had an item code labled 70% acceptance rule that was required for each order. The system handles product returns, refunds and credits, which are standard rules.

Q: Some items on our website will need frequent updating (general area, news for distributors, catalogue items, costs, etc.). How does your system handle these?

The proprietary iMatrix Design Center allows you to replicate your distributor websites and make many changes, additions, etc. This Desieng Center is very easy to use. These various methods allow you to update the content of your web site and replicated distributor sites. We highly recommend using this Design Center for its convenience.

Q: Most MLM software providers have a one-year or multi-year contract. What if we want to bring the software in-house? How would it be any different with you?

We do not have multi-year contracts. Our initial contract is for one year. However, you may terminate at any time by giving us one hundred twenty (120) days written notice. We have several potential options for bringing the system in-house in future years. We require you to use our service for a minimum of 18 months to gain experience and be familiar with using the system. This will significantly reduce training time. First option, once you are proficient with the system, you may be able to do the processing in-house on iMatrix servers in the iMatrix data center. This would require you to hire in-house IT staff. This is our software hosting option. Second, you may be able to bring the software in-house and process on servers at your location. This requires hardware and third party software (such as SQL servers) and a license to the iMatrix system. You would need to have a knowledgeable IT staff, redundancy in connectivity and hardware, backup procedures and a disaster recovery plan. Third, you may be able purchase a license to the source code for the iMatrix system.