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Your Success Is Our Success

iMatrix is a hosted MLM software system that is based on a simple business model, “Your success is our success.” You pay us incrementally as you grow. This is a fair value-to-value methodology that our clients appreciate.

"You do not need servers or a big IT staff."

Outsourcing is essential in every company, especially start-ups. Our team members pioneered the first hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) software model in 1997 for the MLM - Direct Sales software industry. Choosing your software vendor is one of the most important business decisions in your new endeavor. If you’re a new company, an existing company, or a start-up looking to significantly reduce your IT and software costs, then you will need the most reliable, proven and trusted software system on the planet.

You could purchase client /server software, purchase hardware, hire the necessary IT staff, but what you can’t buy are the most important reasons to use our service:

1. Our team member's knowledge and experience of software, systems, technology, and e-commerce combined with the many years of experience in the MLM industry.
2. Our finger is on the pulse of the MLM industry; we see trends, new ideas and strategies that do and do not work.
3. Our team developed the 1st IVR system (Interactive Voice Response) in the MLM software industry.
4. Our team developed the 1st worldwide frame relay network in the MLM software industry prior to the internet.
5. Our team developed the 1st internet full ecommerce package in the MLM software industry in 1995.
6. Our team pioneered the 1st hosted system in the MLM software industry in 1997.

Hosted Services and Fee Schedule

The iMatrix hosted monthly service fee starts at $1,000 a month and increases slightly as your revenue increases. The fee is based on your gross sales revenue attained by your company each month. Monthly service fees are based on the previous month's gross revenues processed by the iMatrix system. This is a big advantage because your revenue could fluctuate each month and you are not locked into a minimum tier level once you reached it. A per member fee is also available although most of our clients prefer the monthly gross revenue model.

The iMatrix service agreement only has a sixty days notice so you can feel comfortable that you are not locked into a long term contract if you are not satisfied.

Make sure you compare our monthly fee structure to other MLM software vendor’s monthly fee structure. The iMatrix monthly hosted service fee includes system technical support, updates, enhancements to system modules functions and features.

The iMatrix team helps run your back office system plus provides you with invaluable input on your compensation plan and how it is performing. You will receive over a 150 years of combined MLM software experience.

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