Welcome Letter

The iMatrix Software system is time tested and proven along with a highly experienced team to assist in your success. We strive to build long term and prosperous relationships with our clients.

Our group is a combination of seasoned MLM software veterans who have worked on our system for many years and constantly seek new innovative technologies to enhance the products and services.

Our business model is based on a straight forward, value-to-value business philosophy. Our slogan is “Your Success is Our Success.”

MLM software is very unique because it includes many mainstream software applications all combined into one system. An example of this is commission tracking, genealogies, reports, order entry, 1099’s, sales tax, inventory, shopping carts, etc. Another reason it is so unique is because every client has a different compensation plan, rules, parameters, objectives, 3rd party integrations and business models.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to make a difference in this world by assisting our clients to develop successful MLM companies that can help many people.

Your choice of software provider is one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your business. I strongly advise you to choose a proven, stable and reliable MLM software system with a highly experienced staff. Do not take a huge risk just to save a few dollars with an unproven company and system. To then discover your software does not work correctly, miscalculates or does not offer the functionality that you require.

Many of our clients come to us after having a horrible experience with other software vendors. Often times they do not have the capital left to start again after making the wrong decision. You need to choose the right company the first time!

Contrary to what other MLM software companies will tell you, setting-up a client system is not as simple as they may claim. There are numerous variables and countless details for each company. Every system set-up is different and unique. Proper preparation and attention to details is essential. The staff experience is a key factor and vital for setting up your system properly and to help minimize changes once you have launched.

We enjoy working with new clients whether they are start-ups or established MLM companies. We like helping existing companies that are looking to create a new channel of distribution in the MLM industry. We welcome our new clients into our family. We KNOW the main reason a company will be successful is because of the people who run the business.

You have the opportunity to help a tremendous amount of people realize their goals by using and selling quality products and services that make their life better. You can also provide financial freedom, supplementary income, enhanced health or many other wonderful benefits. I have experienced the hopes, dreams and faith that the masses of people will have in your vision. It is a fantastic responsibility that rewards everyone when done properly.

We wish you much success!

Best regards,

iMatrix Software Team