Party Plan Systems

Finding a software provider that has a time-tested and proven ability to handle your party or show needs. Your search is over. The Party Plan System by iMatrix Sofware is known industry-wide for its scalabilty and the tools needed by Direct Selling companies to run efficiently. The feature-rich party plan module allows your consultants to manage guest ordering and hosting rewards with very little effort. From obtaining local sales tax rates to calculating the hosting rewards from a party, the Party Plan System by iMatrix provides the same capabilities that multi-million-dollar party plan companies rely on.

iMatrix Sofware provides more than a system for a traditional MLM model. The web-based platform allows access from anywhere with internet access, and leverages the relationship people already have in order to access their warm markets. Social events such as home-based parties can now be managed with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Party Plan Interface

Partial Feature List:

Member Accounts

✓ Member Account Management
✓ Quick Member Lookup
✓ Quick Order Lookup
✓ Quick Autoship Lookup
✓ Assign Member Leads
✓ Update Member Placement


✓ Member Reports
✓ Sales Reports
✓ Order Reports
✓ E-Wallet Account Reports
✓ Inventory Reports
✓ Item Detail Reports

Party Planning

✓ Find Party
✓ Create Party
✓ View Parties
✓ Add Host/Co-Hosts
✓ Add Guests to Parties
✓ Add Host/Guest Orders


✓ Run 1099 Report
✓ 1099 Adjustments
✓ E-Wallet
✓ Gift Cards
✓ Returns and Exchanges
✓ Back Orders

Compensation Plans

✓ Unilevel
✓ Binary
✓ Forced Matrix
✓ Party Plan
✓ Hybrids
✓ Custom


✓ Multiple Languages
✓ Multiple Currencies
✓ Multiple Countries
✓ Multiple Compensation Plans


✓ Add / Edit Payment Type
✓ Tax Classifications
✓ Multiple Warehouse
✓ Multiple Price Levels
✓ Order Type Setup


✓ Ties to ANY Carrier
✓ Ship Via Setup
✓ Freight Rate Setup
✓ Freight Override Setup
✓ Shipping Extract Setup


✓ Add / Edit Items
✓ Item Code / Prices Setup
✓ Item Warehouse Setup
✓ Kit Setup
✓ Tax Setup


✓ User-defined Member Look Up
✓ User-defined Order Look Up
✓ User-defined Autoship Look Up

Ticket System

✓ Quick Submit from Anywhere
✓ System Knowledge Base
✓ Ticket Tracking

Documents Area

✓ Add Files / Folders
✓ Edit File / Folder Permissions
✓ Limit Access based on Member Rank

Corporate Blasts

✓ Add Subject
✓ Filter by Member Statuses
✓ Tokens to Personalize Message
✓ Create New Message

User Permissions

✓ Add / Edit User
✓ Add / Edit Permission Group


✓ Create Custom Rules
✓ HTML Email Format
✓ Default Triggers Available
✓ Email Notifications
✓ Member Message Notifications
✓ 3rd party Triggers