In today’s ultra-competitive MLM/Direct Sales world, the average Direct Sales company has many competing companies. There are around 12 individual billion dollar (or close to it) enduring networking companies in this 60 year old industry. They all share one formula behind their success. Very simply, each company was at the beginning of a new multi-billion industry or they were the first network marketing company in an existing industry, period. As an example, there was Amway (household products), Shaklee (nutrition), MaryKay and Avon (cosmetics), Herbal Life (herbal products), Tupperware (household products), NuSkin (skin care), Pre-Paid Legal, AL Williams (now Primerica) and Excel (long distance). 20 years ago a new multi-billion dollar industry emerged and Excel was the company that became the dominant player. There were some internet companies in the dot com era that did big revenue such as SkyBiz. As proven again, Skybiz capitalized in the beginning of the dot com era with new innovative web related products.

For network marketers, differentiating your products/services and opportunity today is more challenging than at any time in history, yet it remains at the heart of successful marketing. More importantly, it remains the key to a MLM/Direct Sales company’s survival.

In our iMatrix marketing and strategy consulting, we don’t beat around the bush. We take typical marketers to task for taking the easy route too often, employing hype, razzle-dazzle, and sleight of hand. They should be working to discover and market their products with unique and valuable qualities along with positioning around the business opportunity. All of this involves telling the truth to the individual distributor. Do you need help doing this?

If so, email us and tell us your problems. We have a solution for you!

I read a well known MLM magazine and some online articles recently and I could not believe what I read. For the most part, it was the same people still contributing the same old articles and information. These people and others (very few new voices speaking the truth about network marketing today) are sleep walking and mumbling the same old stuff. Unfortunately, a lot of it does not apply today....and is simply untrue.

And what is some of the truth?

Network marketing is not for the masses. It never was. It is for focused, committed, hard working, persistent, and consistent people who are absolutely determined to change their financial future. The percentage is very low.

You typically can not build the kind of organization that will bring you financial freedom in less than 2 years. A true major opportunity emerges very rarely in the MLM/Direct Sales space. Is your company going to be a major opportunity?

Saturation is a reality in network marketing. There are now many companies that sell nutritional and skin care products, long distance and internet services. In order for anyone to succeed individually or as a company, you need quality products or services, reliable software systems, innovative marketing, company positioning, and intelligence.

Compensation plans, especially from the high priced MLM consultants, are virtually universally built on a principle of the individual distributor failing. The company gets a margin to work with. They take their percentage out for overhead and profit, then they put the remaining percentage in a compensation plan. They create impossible qualifications for the average part-timers to reach. So the part-timers do what they can but, never meet the full qualifications and never qualify for their full commissions – which most of the time go back to the company – called breakage. A company does not have to rob from their distributors to be profitable. It determines it’s share first and then must make it possible for distributors to get paid for what they do. The company gets profitable from not only it’s share of the margin, but the fact that happy distributors stay put and grow a company to 50,000 – 1,000,000 + distributors. There are some great consultants, but many are not.

Home based business professionals and the consumers they will serve in the 21st century are today faced with an explosion of choices. In this environment, distinctive product attributes are quickly copied by competitors, perceived by consumers to be minimal, or both. Still, those who fail to differentiate their product or service in the mind of their distributors or consumers won’t stand a chance.

We can outline the many ways you can achieve differentiation. We will also warn you how difficult it is to achieve differentiation by being creative, economical, customer oriented, or quality driven-things that your competitors can do as well. We have outlined the problem, now what can we do for you so that you’ll be way ahead of the dinosaurs?

We’ll work with you on your positioning and help you in understanding how the mind works in the differentiating process. We’ll develop techniques to seize a differentiating idea, dramatize it and make it your own. We will show you how to use differentiating ideas against your competitors in the home based business marketplace. We also will give you an advantage against your competition.

Call it the iMatrix CONSULTING advantage!

iMatrix can provide MLM Business Consulting Services such as:

    • Compensation plan review, trends, and strategies
    • Assist in Increasing revenue by strategies, implementation, and monitoring
    • Distributor retention, relations, and recruitment
    • Assist in Company set-up
    • Corporate website
    • Marketing
    • Coaching
    • Corporate and Distributor training
    • Strategic and operational planning
    • Operations and executive management
    • IT Strategies and Infrastructure
    • Fulfillment solutions and options
    • Party Plan review, trends and strategies
    • Party Plan hostess gifting alternatives
    • Product and Service trends and selections
    • Convention and/or online training to distributors of back office tools
    • Teleconference calls and webinars
    • Policies & Procedures
    • Distributor management, procedures and monitoring
    • Customer service and retention