I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the strength and quality of our partnership over the past three years and express our gratitude for helping to ensure that it was successful and fluid evolution of our respective businesses. Imatrix has provided, prompt and responsive service for World Ventures during a time when we needed it most. Our business has been in rapid growth over the last few years and the support provided by you at that time couldn't have been more welcomed. Creative technical solutions, around the clock response, and a service mentality made this an increasingly rewarding experience. I'm hoping as your business continues to grow that you'll refer your prospective customers to us for a candid account of what having great partners can do for your business. Again, thank you.You guys are awesome! It's like a breath of fresh air to find people that take their word as seriously as we do, that's an important trait. Thank you for all your help in getting our system up and launched, my experience with your company so far has been excellent, and I really believe we can and will grow this platform!

Eddie Head, Chief Strategy Officer, WorldVentures Holdings, LLC, Chief Strategy Officer